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What Is TXT My Lunch?

A simple online service allowing healthy nutritious lunches to be purchased online, for your child or gifted to a nominated hungry learner.  The student chooses a combo from their Champion Tuck Shop.

How does it work?

Order one or more $7 meal tickets (+ processing fees) online.

A meal tickets can be purchased for a specified learner via TXT DIRECT TO MY LEARNER then follow the simple prompts and enter your child’s mobile number.  A txt to your child’s phone delivers a meal ticket they redeem for a healthy and nutritious combo at their Champion Tuck Shop.

Or a meal ticket can be gifted via GIFT LUNCHES to a specified school who will forward that meal ticket it to a nominated hungry learner who can redeem it for a healthy and nutritious combo at their Champion Tuck Shop.

Who decides where my “gift” lunch goes?

Each school has identified deserving hungry learners who will benefit from your gift of a healthy and nutritious combo to support their learning and health.

Can I buy or gift multiple lunches at a time?

You can buy as many $7 meal tickets (+ processing fees) as you want, each one is valid for one month from time of purchase or until the end of the school year.

What is a meal ticket?

A meal ticket is a code sent to your child’s phone that can be redeemed for a healthy and nutritious Champion Tuck Shop meal to the value of $7.

What if my child does not have a mobile phone or their school does not allow mobile phones?

Any mobile phone (eg parent/caregiver) can receive a meal ticket which they can forward to email and then print.  This produces a code reader which can then be presented by the student to the Champion Tuck Shop.

What am I buying?

You are buying a meal ticket for the student to redeem for food at their Champion Tuck Shop.  We have a variety of options available for your student to chose from, and aim to provide options that are healthy and tasty.  This gives you peace of mind that your student is getting a healthy balanced lunch at school.

How do I pay?

Online with debit or credit card.

What if my child doesn’t want what I’ve bought?

You are just purchasing the meal ticket, the student chooses which one of our nutritional combos they would like.

Can I purchase a meal ticket for a specific child?

As long as you have their mobile phone number, yes you can. Just follow the simple prompts and enter that child’s mobile number, they will receive the meal ticket by txt.

Can my child still buy food from the tuck shop?

Yes, all cash and eftpos service remains. TXT My Lunch is an additional service ensuring lunch money actually buys them lunch.

Why isn’t this available for every school?

TXT My Lunch is a service offered at Champion Tuck Shop schools only.  If you like the idea, get your school onboard with us. Our contact is 09 3612655

I’m in Auckland, can I buy my niece in Christchurch lunch?

You can buy or gift a meal ticket for any student at a Champion Tuck Shop school as listed on the TXT My Lunch website.

What is the cut-off time for my child to get lunch today?

There is no cut-off time, the student can receive the txt from you whilst standing in the Champion Tuck Shop queue as long as it is received before they reach the counter to redeem.

How often does the selection change?

New combos are released throughout the year based on student feedback and seasonal availability.

What if my child is gluten free?

As with any dietary requirements, the student should make staff aware before redeeming the meal ticket and a specific combo can be recommended.

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